I believe that every person has the “agency for change” within. My approach to individual counseling is to facilitate that self-discovery of client’s own natural power of transformation.

My passion for helping children, youth, and their families comes from the deep rooted sense of family culture while growing up in China. With just about half of my lifetime spent in China and another half in United States, I offer a blended cultural prospective on parent-child relationship that bridges the relatively liberal and permissive western view and the discipline and respect oriented eastern view.

For couples that are in distress in their relationships, I utilize  emotion focused approach to reconnect them. I also view each relationship has its unique characteristics that need to be recognized and honored.

For all of my clients, I not only help facilitate the processing of difficult feelings and emotions of the past, but also actively create  cognitive and behavioral changes  “here and now” that will benefit their individual and family life ultimately in the future. My style is warm and supportive, and my approach is relatively more active and result-oriented, with focuses on authenticity and harmony with inner and outer self.